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Our Expertise

The GLEAMING INSURANCE brand was established in 2010 by directors who already had over 10 years of experience in arranging insurance for businesses in the cleaning industry. 

From those humble beginnings when we had no customers at all on our first morning of trading, we have gone from strength to strength and have helped over 10,000 cleaning businesses with their insurances since then. 

The success of the business is attributed to both the excellent policy cover we are able to provide and the personal service that is part of our culture.  

We understand that there is a real need to offer a policy that can include cover for

damage to property being worked on,

treatment risks 

loss of customer's keys


and much more, all at an affordable price.  

We are real believers in the digital age and utilise this wherever possible, but never lose the human touch. We are always available to our clients for advice and assistance.

We have worked with many federations, associations, and wholesalers since the business began, all of which have enabled us to cement our position as specialist insurance brokers to the cleaning industry.  We are now recommended by numerous suppliers and franchises across the whole sector.

Gleaming Insurance
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