Before your quotation, please read

Before you start the quote we need to make sure you know what you are getting a quote for as  our policy is very different to a standard policy offered by most insurers.


You will be able to choose from Public Liability, Employers Liability, Tools & Equipment and Legal Expenses.  


Our Public Liability Insurance cover includes;

Damage to Property Worked On


This covers claims for public liability brought against you by a third party where damage has been caused to the item being cleaned 

Treatment Risks


If you use solutions or chemicals during the cleaning process (including bleach) then you probably know this one of your biggest risks. Such damage is covered under the Treatment Risks extension. Many insurers exclude claims caused where bleach has been used, but not ours.

Loss of Customers' Keys

If you are responsible for holding keys for your customers then you will need to ensure you have cover for any losses should you lose them.  Our policy provides key holding cover as standard.

Failure to Secure a Customer's Premises

When you leave a premises you have cleaned you may be responsible for locking up and setting alarms and if you fail to do this you could be liable should anyone break into the premises. Our policy covers you for such occurrences.


Losses from Dishonesty

You will have undoubtedly made checks on all your staff or self-employed cleaners but you could still be exposed to potential claims should one of them decide to steal from your customers.  The insurer will pay for the sums you have to pay as compensation to your client following fraud and dishonesty.  However, they will not make any payments for your clients losses;

  • where you do not have a suitable reference for the employee covering the period of at least 2 years immediately prior to commencement of employment with you; 

  • unless you notify us of such losses during the period of insurance or within 30 days of expiry of the period of insurance; 

  • arising from the unauthorised use of any telephone system by any of your employees

We provide a much more comprehensive policy which is specifically for the cleaning industry.   

About the Insurer

All our policies are underwritten by Hiscox Insurance Company.  

Continual Policies

The policies we provide from Hiscox Insurance are issued on a continual basis. There is no renewal date and cover will be in place unless it is cancelled by the insurer or yourself in writing, providing 30 days notice of the cancellation. 

Businesses with self employed cleaners

If you have self employed cleaners working on behalf of the business who are paid directly by your customers, you will still need to include their payments in the figures you are asked for when completing a quotation. 

Your Duties

You have a duty to disclose facts about you and your business that are relevant to your proposal for this insurance cover.  Full details of your duties are shown in the attached document which we would advise you to read before proceeding.  

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