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We provide specialist covers not usually provided on a standard liability policy, such as:

"Damage to Property Worked On"
"Treatment Risks" (damage by chemicals/solutions)

"Loss of Keys"
"Failure to Secure a Premises"
"Employee Dishonesty"

Our cover is available for :

Sole Traders,
Partnerships, and
Limited companies

working across the UK and Northern Ireland.


You choose the covers you need

You can choose to arrange a standard public liability policy that covers claims such as personal injury or property damage to anything you weren't cleaning when it was damaged.  Premiums start from just 


Or you can add the optional covers for treatment risks, damage to property being worked on, loss of keys, failure to secure a premises and dishonesty by your employees or self employed cleaners




Do you have specialist liability cover for your cleaning business?  Does your policy provide


  • Damage to Property Being Worked on

  • Treatment Risks

  • Loss of Customer's Keys

  • Failure to Secure a Customer's Premises

  • Dishonesty by Employees

  • Misuse of Customer's Telephones

Our policies are ONLY available to cleaning companies so you can be sure that we provide you with the protection your business needs. 

Cleaning Operative with equipment protected by Gleaming Insurance

As specialist insurance brokers to the cleaning industry GLEAMING INSURANCE are able to 

to arrange cover for the following;

Public Liability Insurance

If you were to be accused of causing damage to someone's

property or causing injury to a member of the public, you would need Public Liability Insurance for Cleaners to protect you and your business.  

However, not all Public Liability Insurance policies are the same.  When you arrange cover with GLEAMING INSURANCE you can be covered for;

  • Damage to Property Being Worked On

  • Treatment Risks 

  • Loss of Customer's Keys

  • Financial Losses (sustained by your customers)

  • Losses from fraud & employee dishonesty

  • Failure to Secure a Customer’s Premises

  • Unauthorized use of telephones

  • Criminal Defence Costs 

You can choose the level of the excess you pay, starting from just £150.  

Man cleaning a window protected by Gleaming Insurance
Employees of a cleaning company protected by Gleaming Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance (EL) is legally required by any business that has people working for it.


Such people could be;


  • Direct employees, whether full or part-time

  • Self-employed cleaners/subcontractors

  • Volunteers 

The law is there to protect your workers and to protect you.  If a cleaner was injured whilst working in your business and you were held negligent, then without this cover you could have to pay compensation awarded by the courts.

Tools & Equipment Insurance

For many cleaning businesses, the theft of their tools and equipment could be catastrophic.  Without them they would be unable to do their job and earn a living.  Would you be in that same situation?   Do you currently have your tools, machinery and equipment properly insured?  

If you have cover under your van insurance you may only get the current market value of your tools if they were stolen or damaged in an accident.  

The cover we can arrange provides cover for the replacement of your equipment as new.  

This cover is bought as part of a Public Liability Insurance for Cleaners policy

Cleaning Supplies protected by Gleaming Insurance

Our Expertise

Gleaming Insurance are specialist insurance brokers for cleaning contractors, sole traders, and companies.  We can offer "damage to property worked on" and "treatment risks" with "loss of keys" and many other extensions that are not usually available.

You can get a quote in minutes and accept cover, get all your certificates and policy documents and take advantage of 0% interest-free instalments.


We have helped over 10,000 cleaning companies with their liability insurance since we started trading in 2011 and we work with the same insurer as we have done all along, giving incredible stability and experience to our clients.

Gleaming Insurance
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