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Have you disclosed all your employees?

Traditionally lots of insurance companies calculated their premiums using purely a headcount, which in theory for them sounds great, but for you as a cleaning contractor in such a fluid industry, its highly dangerous.

What if you forget to tell your insurer that the three people working for you, has now become ten and they are all doing different types of work to the original three?

employers liability insurance

If an incident or accident happens during that time, then theoretically you might be left uninsured, but the trouble doesn't end there.

Even if your insurer accepts the error, they will then charge you for all the additional staff, so that nice cheap policy that you had, suddenly costs three times the amount and doesn't look that great at all.

Gleaming Insurance are specialists in the cleaning sector and we understand how you operate your business, that is why we don't work on headcount. We take a much more open approach, one that frees you from the crazy admin of the traditional insurance company.

We ask you to declare what you estimate to be your expected wages payments for the year for your manual staff (we provide cover for clerical staff for free). Once you have given us a figure, we use that to calculate your premium.

We then go one step further, in your policy we then allow you a further 50% on top of that to allow for those extra members of staff you might have - and we don't charge you for it either.

There are so many pitfalls in taking a cheap and standard liability policy if you are a cleaning contractor - the wording will be poor and will leave you exposed, the work you can do will be restricted and of course as this article demonstrates the problems dont end there.

Do you want to take that risk with your business?

You need to have specialist liability insurance in place to protect you and you need the expertise and experience of a specialist insurer to back that up.

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