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Why do I need Office Cleaning Insurance?

If you clean offices its essential to have specialist insurance cover to protect you and your business.

You might be thinking, why is it so important to have insurance cover?

With any kind of cleaning there are many risks involved such damaging the property your working on or losing the keys of the property your working on. If anything like this ever occurred and you didn't have cover, you could lose a lot of income.

This is why we provide cover for:

Damage to Property Worked On

This covers you if you are accused of damaging whatever you are cleaning whether that be an office table, carpet or anything else that you may clean as part of your usual activities. Without this extension to your cover, you would be left to deal with the matter yourselves.

​Treatment Risks

If you use solutions or chemicals during the cleaning process (including bleach) then you probably know it is common for damage to be caused by these products. This damage is covered under the Treatment Risks extension. Many insurers exclude treatment risk, but we can include it for you. ​

Loss of Customers' Keys​

If you are responsible for holding keys for your customers then you will need to ensure you have cover should you lose them. Our policy provides key holding cover as standard. ​

Failure to Secure a Customer's Premises​

When you leave the premises you have cleaned you may be responsible for locking up and setting alarms and if you fail to do this you could be liable should anyone break into the premises. Our policy covers you for such occurrences.

Its better to be safe than sorry! Having this insurance cover will benefit you tremendously if any problems like this did ever occur.

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