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Why do you need Window Cleaning insurance?

Window cleaners operate in a variety of ways. There are a range of different window cleaning methods to suit the specific job that is being undertaken. Some of these methods include high tech activities and equipment and sometimes this may involve a high hazard environment, all depending on the location and specification of the windows that they are cleaning.

We know there are common issues that window cleaners face but, having a specialist window cleaning insurance cover in place, these issues can be reduced.

Now let’s discuss some of these common issues:

Ground Level Window Cleaning by hand – this is probably the most common method of cleaning windows, both internally and externally and whilst the risk to the operative is low, the risks of scratching the glass or damaging the frames remains high.

If anything gets under the cloth such as small stone, this can cause the window to get damaged. Therefore, it is essential that a new cloth is used each time you clean and that you check the window surface for any debris before starting the work.

Mistakes do happen!

This why it's so important to have insurance cover that can give you that extra support if an issue like this occurs.

Window Cleaning Insurance from Gleaming Insurance

When you are working domestically, sometimes you have to reach that little bit higher and that is where a low-level pole system can come into play. This will allow someone stood on the ground to clean a high window without the need for a step ladder and all the potential dangers that involves.

However, the pole system will also have its risks in terms of damage - grit and debris on the brushes, or overuse and pressure on delicate frames can sometimes lead to issues.

Again, this is another reason why insurance cover is so important.

A specialist Window Cleaning Insurance policy from Gleaming Insurance can help reduce any problems you may have, just in case an issue does arise.

Window Cleaning Insurance from Gleaming Insurance

Working in a commercial environment?

You will face more problems if you are cleaning in commercial environment, such as working at height. At wherever possible this should be done using the appropriate equipment for example using short poles for cleaning high level windows that you can access from a balcony.

Using the appropriate tools for the job is something that Window Cleaners Insurance providers would always expect.

High level windows that can only be accessed from the outside really do need expertise and specialist operatives to clean them and this is something that a policy from Gleaming Insurance can also cover.

With the right level of training and accreditation, using the right tools and equipment and wearing the appropriate level of PPE, we can also provide Window Cleaning Insurance to high level cleaners.

Window Cleaning Insurance from Gleaming Insurance

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If you have any issues with any matter concerning Window Cleaning Insurance, then simply drop us an email.


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