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Why do I need Pressure Washing insurance?

Pressure washing is a very popular form of outdoor cleaning. It uses a high- pressure flow of water to remove dirt and other materials from outdoor surfaces such as a driveway or gutters etc.

With any form of cleaning, there will be risks to those who carry out the work on your property. The high pressure of water from the machine can cause serious injury to the person undertaking the work, and potentially damage property.

That is why it is important to make sure you have cover in place to protect you and deal with any issues should they occur.

Specialist Insurance for Pressure Washing from Gleaming Insurance

Some public liability policies will not cover any "damage to property worked on" but, our public liability policies can provide this cover.

We also offer interest-free monthly payments to spread the cost, leaving more for you to invest, grow, and protect your business!

It is always worth having peace of mind and reliability in business and with gleaming insurance's specialist polices, both you and your business are protected.

Specialist Insurance for Pressure Washing from Gleaming Insurance

Get a quote in seconds by visiting our homepage!

If you have any issues with any matter concerning Pressure Washing cleaning Insurance, then simply drop us an email.


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