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Tools in the Van?

Virtually every cleaner uses a tool or a piece of equipment to carry out their job, whether that be a mop and bucket or a more complicated set up like a van based water tank system.

A cleaners tools can often be a significant investment but have you got the right insurance in place to protect it?

tools and equipment insurance

There are lots of potential hazards and pitfalls when taking out tools and equipment insurance such as

  • will it be covered overnight?

  • can I leave it at a clients premises?

  • is it covered if I leave it on my driveway?

  • is it covered in the vehicle?

You will find that most policies won't cover the above - they are happy for you to leave the kit in a locked and alarmed garage but that is about it really.

Gleaming Insurance provide full cover for you if you leave your tools and equipment in the van, on your driveway all through the night (all we ask is that you make sure the vehicle is locked and that the tools are completely out of sight)

Another common mistake is to think that your motor insurers will cover the equipment in the van - WRONG! they may offer some cover, but it will based on the way they settle normal motor claims, so if the van is 10 years old they will only provide the value of a 10 year old van (and the tools fitted to it).

We provide a NEW FOR OLD policy with no such restrictions - all we ask is that you insure for the full value of all your tools (as if you had to replace them brand new).

Our tools and equipment cover can only be obtained with a Public Liability policy but you can do that all online on our website.

We even provide £1,000 of kit for your free of charge (if your kit is worth more than that then you need to request a higher limit).

Don't take a risk with the tools of your trade - get a quote today from Gleaming Insurance.

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