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Measuring Risk

Every business faces risks.

It is part of everyday life and we all deal with it using different tools, including of course, specific insurance protection. But that should be the last line of defence, when all else has failed.

It is therefore quite important that you are able to measure and assess the risks that your cleaning business faces.

risk assessment for cleaners

Whilst this is something that larger companies will have ingrained into their daily routines, it is just as important for sole traders and small companies too.

Insurers always expect a professional cleaning contractor to be aware of the risks they face and wherever possible to have measured and assessed these risks and documented the outcome and results.

This becomes especially important if a claim or an incident occurs - if you are able to demonstrate the measures you have taken, then costs can be massively reduced and in some cases, claims totally repudiated.

Lots of successful claims are only successful due to a lack of paperwork, and that can become very frustrating indeed.

Risk Assessments for cleaning contractors are a vital part of the job and a little time invested in them can really pay off both in the short term and in the longer term should anything happen.

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