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Who is to blame?

One of the most common claims that we see coming through the office relates to the alleged damage of carpets and upholstery. It is a fact of life that from time to time things will go wrong and you will be faced with an unhappy customer.

However, in some cases, it might not be all your fault.

treatment risks insurance

Let's face it, most of the time a carpet cleaner is asked to carry out a deep clean to a carpet for a very specific reason. Usually this is because of some problem with stain or a spilled liquid.

Do you take a photo before you start work? Do you document the stain and record the possible cause? and most importantly, do you ask your customer to sign a waiver or something similar?

If the answer to the above is NO, then you leave yourself open to issues further down the line.

We have seen numerous problems with carpet cleaners coming along to clean a stained and dirty carpet only for the result to leave areas that are now lighter (or darker) than the rest. But that change in colour could very well have been the result of the spillage in the first place but without any defence then it is hard to repudiate.

Our experience and expertise will come into play here, we will work with the insurers to obtain the best possible outcome for you with your customer, an outcome that doesn't prejudice your business going forward due to high claims payouts.

Of course, without the specialist "treatment risks" insurance that we provide the insurers wouldn't even get involved in the first place as you would not be covered!

Yet another reason to insure with Gleaming Insurance.

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