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Damaged Carpets?

One of the most common types of claim that we see being submitted is damage to carpets. Even the most experienced and qualified technician can fall victim to the shrunken or stained carpet.

carpet cleaners insurance

Most standard liability policies that are sold do not provide cover for this type of claim. You need to have specialist extensions to your public liability policy to make sure you are covered.

These extensions are called:

"Damage to Property Worked On" - this is cover for when you are working on the carpet and cause damage to it yourself, or with your tools and equipment.

"Treatment Risks" - this is cover for damage caused by chemicals or solutions that are applied during the cleaning process.

GLEAMING INSURANCE offer both these extensions and we can also cover your tools and equipment as well.

We are corporate members of the NCCA, and to have that accreditation you need to provide the very best in insurance covers.

When your cover is due for renewal, visit our website and get a quotation - you may be surprised at what we can offer.

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