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Specialist Cleaning

When you think of cleaning contractors, then you automatically tend to think of window cleaners, carpet cleaners, pressure washing, but what if your work is really specialist?

Would you be able to arrange your insurance and have the peace of mind that you were covered if you caused damage or injury?

pub cleaning insurance

We can provide cover for all sorts of specialist cleaning activities from kitchen duct cleaning, to cleaning out the lines in pubs. We cover cleaners who work at height and we can also cover those in confined spaces.

Just like you, we are specialists, specialists in delivering quality insurance cover to the cleaning industry, using our many years of knowledge and expertise to make sure you are correctly insured.

All our clients can choose to have "damage to property worked on" cover and "treatment risks" insurance and we also provide £1000 of tools and equipment free of charge.

For your next quotation visit GLEAMING INSURANCE to see what we can offer you.

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