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Are you sure you are covered?

Understanding your insurance policy is one of the most important things you can face as a cleaning contractor. The words in the policy can mean so much further down the line if something untoward happens.

One of the biggest areas we come across time and time again is cover for the damage you might cause to the actual item you are cleaning. This is something that a non-specific policy excludes - its called "damage to property worked on" and for every cleaner it is a crucial part of the cover.

GLEAMING INSURANCE can provide this cover - we make specific mention of it in our policy wording so that you can see you are covered. Most standard policies don't mention it but have an exclusion for damage to anything in your "care, custody or control" and that for a cleaner means the thing you are cleaning!

Typically these standard policies are sold on price - "cheap cheap cheap" is all you will see but as with lots of things in life, you get what you pay for.

Whilst premium is always very important, having the right cover in place is more crucial especially for cleaning contractors - saving a few pounds at renewal time pales into insignificance when you are faced with a bill for 20 scratched windows or a brand new three-piece suite.

When your insurance policy is next due for renewal get a quote from GLEAMING INSURANCE who are specialists brokers to cleaning contractors all across the UK.


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