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Cleaning the Home

One of the fastest-growing areas of the cleaning industry is the expansion of the domestic cleaning market. Individuals and cleaning agencies are growing at a fast rate as the demand for such services soar.

However, both the cleaning companies and the householders need to be very aware of the insurance covers that are in place.

Most householders would expect anyone coming into their house to have the insurance protection that would cover all eventualities - and that is why it is quite crucial for domestic cleaners to have very specific domestic cleaning insurance cover in place.

As most standard liability policies don't cover damage to the item being cleaned or any damage from chemicals, then going for the cheap alternative really should not be an option.

As a professional cleaner, you need to have the widest possible cover that will protect you, your business and your customer.

GLEAMING INSURANCE offers wide cover for domestic cleaning insurance so when your policy is due for renewal please do get in touch.


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