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Cleaning Windows

There are many methods used to clean windows, contractors have differing approaches, and use different equipment from low-level domestic properties to high-level office blocks.

Every contractor will take great care when they are carrying out the cleaning work and quite often will go years without an incident, but what would happen if something did go wrong and you were accused of scratching the glass?

You might automatically assume that you could just "go through the insurance" but you might just be in for a shock!

Most standard liability policies don't include cover for anything you damage at the time you are working on it and in such circumstances, you would be left to foot the bill.

However, GLEAMING INSURANCE provide this vital cover - its called "damage to property worked on" and we offer this in full for anyone who wishes to have it on their policy.

There are other companies that do offer the cover, but WAIT - it's still not as straightforward as you think. These other companies offer a limited amount of cover, quite commonly £250k for the whole year and then they hit you with a £500 excess for every claim you make.

GLEAMING INSURANCE gives you the full cover per incident whether you choose £1m, £2m, £5, or £10m as your limit - and we only have a £150 excess for each claim, making a significant difference even over the companies that claim to offer this cover for you.

It pays to firstly get ALL your quotes in writing and then to read each one along with all the endorsements and policy wording - a price over the phone could end up costing you a whole lot more further down the line.


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