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Commercial Cleaning

Operating a commercial cleaning business will open you to risks that some other cleaners might not face and you have to take as much care to mitigate these risks as possible.

You will often be working in heavily populated areas with members of the public present and that means that you must be really careful if you are cleaning flooring or other such slippy areas.

Insurers would expect commercial cleaning contractors to have a health and safety policy in place (if they have 5 staff or more) and a full collection of risk assessments and method statements for the jobs they carry out.

You would be expected to have yellow warning signs in place for any cleaning work that might leave water or traces of water on the surface and you should ensure that the area is safe for people to be near.

Of course, we have specialist liability insurance cover ready to help you with such eventualities and you can read more about us on the homepage.

GLEAMING INSURANCE can offer you public and employers liability insurance covers that include damage to property worked on and treatment risks protection. Our excess is the lowest in the market and we also offer 0% interest-free installments.


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