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Home Cleaning

One of the most common types of cleaning contractors that we provide our insurance covers to are the domestic cleaners who clean your home.

From the steps and patio at the front, all the way through to the taps in your bathroom, a domestic cleaner comes across a multitude of different surfaces to clean.

It is crucial therefore that should you scratch or damage any of these surfaces that you have the appropriate cover in place to protect you.

This type of cover is called "damage to property worked on" (damage that you cause) and "treatment risks" (damage caused by chemicals. Very few insurers provide the cover but we offer this at GLEAMING INSURANCE.

Even if your current insurer tells you that they are giving you this cover, find out what the excess might be for a claim - you will find that it will be £250 or even £500 and that is what you will have to pay in the event of an incident that is settled.

With GLEAMING INSURANCE you can choose an excess of just £150 meaning you not only have the best cover, but also the best excess in the market for domestic cleaning.

Any cleaning contractor that gets involved with Home Cleaning should have a quotation from GLEAMING INSURANCE as part of their risk control systems.


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