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When you are working as a Window Cleaner, then you need to pay very specific attention to the policy wording and cover of your public liability policy.

There are lots of cheap "tradesman" types of policies ranging from around £60-£90 which provide only the very basics of catastrophe covers but DO NOT include any cover if you scratch the glass or damage anything you are cleaning.

Obviously as a window cleaner, the most likely claim and the most costly will be for scratched glass or damage to the frames etc. You need to make sure you have the appropriate covers in place. GLEAMING INSURANCE can provide this for you.

The GLEAMING INSURANCE policy that provides Window Cleaners Insurance is the perfect solution for any window cleaner.

Our product is suitable for any type of window cleaner, working on any type of property and using any type of equipment.

We provide:

  • Damage to Property Worked On - cover for the glass at the time you are cleaning it.

  • Treatment Risks - cover for damage caused by chemicals or cleaning solutions.

  • Free £1,000 Tools Cover - to provide the basic cover for tools, stock, and equipment.

We can cover any work, done with reach and wash pole systems, ladders, access platforms, cherry pickers, ropes and we can cover you up to pretty much any height.

We are specialists in the industry providing the very best in Window Cleaners Insurance covers.

Visit our home page today to get your quotation and to arrange your cover.


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