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Qualified to work at height?

If you operate a commercial cleaning business and you work at heights, we can cover you that is the first and important point to make.

Not all insurance providers can do this - lots have height restrictions which means you can only work up to 10-15m and you should make sure that your policy is giving you the right level of cover in that regard.

Anyone working higher will need to demonstrate that they are professionally capable of doing that. They will need to confirm that their employees are trained and accredited to work at height and to use the appropriate machinery or equipment that allows them to access those vantage points.

Working at height does carry a higher rating as you would expect but we have some cleaning contractor clients who are working at heights of 80m so we can provide the cover for this type of risk.

If your business operates in this field and you have all the relevant health and safety documentation and policies in place then visit our website for a quotation today.


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