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Use your signs

If you are cleaning hard floors, particularly where members of the public are present, then it is crucial to take as much care as you can over that environment and how you leave it.

We see claims coming in from members of the public who have slipped on a wet polished surface and who have suffered quite serious injuries.

These claims often lead to settlements in the tens of thousands and these losses will sit on your claims experience for up to 5 years.

One of the first things the loss adjusters and solicitors will ask for is proof that the "wet floor" warning signs were used and how they were used.

It is therefore vital that they are implements and documented on each job (preferably with photos if possible) This will help enormously in the event of a reported incident or claim.

Obviously leaving the area as clean and dry as possible before you depart is also advisable, but correct and appropriate use of the signs really does work and is an effective risk management tool for all cleaners.


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