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Working at Height?

We deal with lots of window and specialist cleaning contractors who work at height and by that we mean the operatives are actually off the ground when carrying out the work.

Working with the reach and wash pole system is considered to be working from the ground and if you use this method then you should have no issues in arranging cover.

However, once you start to work off the ground, then the insurance issue becomes more of a problem as the underwriters will want to know a lot more detail.

Are your employees experienced in working off the ground, are they trained, do they carry any accreditations? What sort of equipment do you use to get off the ground, is the equipment maintained regularly, do you own it or hire it?

Thankfully, GLEAMING INSURANCE has been working with cleaning contractors for many years and understand the work that you carry out, we are corporate members of IPAF and appreciate the standards required.

If you are a specialist cleaning contractor working at height then visit our website and get your quotation today.


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