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Your Cleaning Employees

As a cleaning company, you will have specialist cleaners working for you in all kinds of situations and at all kinds of locations. These all carry risks both for you and for them.

When you have staff working for you, you have certain legal obligations with regard to insurance covers that you need to have in place.

You need to have Employers Liability cover in place to protect you from claims for injury or illness as a result of your negligence.

If a member of staff is injured or suffers an illness as a result of their work, and they can prove that you are to blame then they can bring a claim against you and these claims can run into the thousands of pounds.

It is therefore important to have your cover arranged with a company that understands the risks and can respond quickly and appropriately to you when the legal papers arrive.

Our cover provides the expertise, protection and also includes the legal defence cover to help you through the process. Our insurers have a panel of specialist solicitors to help defend and mitigate your position.

Take a look on our website for more information and get your quotation from GLEAMING INSURANCE today.


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