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Your Staff

When you have employees working out there for you, then you need to make sure that both they and you as a business are insured and protected.

Some of the covers you need are a legal requirement, such as Employers Liability insurance and others are specialist parts of the policy, that not all companies provide.

The cover for Employers Liability provides cover should an employee make a claim for injury or illness that they have sustained during the course of their work as a result of your negligence.

However, GLEAMING INSURANCE also provides important covers for you to protect the business as a result of other things that employees can become involved with such as:

> Employee Dishonesty

> Failure to secure customer's premises

> Misuse of customers telephones

Small details like that can often cost a business a lot of money, but with the specialist insurance provided by GLEAMING INSURANCE, we can help mitigate that for you.

Get your quotation today and see how we can help protect your cleaning business.


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