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Choosing the right cover

If you operate a cleaning business then you need to carefully select the insurance that you will need to have in place to protect you, your customers and your future.

choosing the right insurance covers

Not all insurance policies are the same, in fact the vast majority are not suitable for a cleaning contractor.

That is because a standard liability policy is purely designed to cover the catastrophe and the wording is one that any contractor can have, from a bricklayer, to a plumber to an electrician.

A standard liability policy excludes "damage to property worked on" or property that is in your "custody, care or control" and it will also exclude any form of "treatment risk"

That means for a cleaner, that if they cause damage to something they are cleaning, they will not be covered! If any chemicals or treatments they apply cause damage, then again they will not be covered!

The GLEAMING INSURANCE policy is a specialist policy designed purely for cleaning contractors - no other trade gets our policy wording. In fact we used our 20 years of experience to work with the insurers to write the wording that we give only to our cleaning clients.

Our policy can provide:

  • Public Liability Insurance - with different option on limits of indemnity

  • Employers Liability Insurance - if you require this

  • £1,000 of tools/equipment cover included without charge

  • Damage to Property Worked Upon

  • Treatment Risks

  • Loss of Customers Keys

  • Employee Dishonesty

  • Financial Loss

  • Failure to Secure a Customers Premises

You can get a quotation by visiting our website and doing it all online. It's quick and simple and you could have cover in place in minutes along with all your documents and certificates.

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