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Scratched Glass?

If you work as a window cleaner or as a general cleaner who has to, from time to time, clean the windows of a property then you face one of the most common and expensive risks to your business – the allegation, proven or otherwise, of scratching the glass, the frames or anything else you are cleaning.

window cleaning insurance from Gleaming Insurance

Most cleaning contractors would expect their insurance to cover such eventualities, but this is far from the case.

A standard non-specialist liability policy has an exclusion for “damage to property worked on” or for anything damaged that is in your “care, custody or control” – this means you would have NO COVER in the event of a claim or allegation.

These type of standard policies are usually low cost that are available to any tradesman and is not suitable for you as a window cleaner.

If your policy cannot respond and help you, then you will be left facing the financial consequences.

As specialists to the cleaning industry Gleaming Insurance can offer this much needed protection as part of your policy cover – this means you are protected from claims that can run into the thousands. We provide the cover up to the full limit of indemnity and our excess starts from as low as £150 per incident.

Don’t risk your business and financial future with inadequate insurance – make sure you get a specialist public liability insurance for window cleaners’ policy from Gleaming Insurance today.

We do all our quotes quickly and simply online and you can place the cover today and pay by interest free instalments – you will have immediate access to all your policy documents and certificates.

Furthermore, you will have the peace of mind that you are with a broker who only works with Cleaning Contractors and who wrote the policy wording to protect you.

Get in touch with Gleaming Insurance for your cleaners’ liability quotation today and reduce the risks that you face.

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