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Treatment Risk

If you operate as a cleaning contractor then one of the most important things to look out for in your public liability insurance wording is "treatment risk"

It's a crucial extension to a public liability insurance policy that protects anyone who uses chemicals, solutions or any form of treatment to help clean someones property.

If you clean carpets or soft furnishings then you are at risk of them becoming discoloured or even shrinking and without the "treatment risks" extension to your policy (which isn't usually provided) then you are without cover!

Most insurers exclude this cover on a standard policy.

Gleaming Insurance can provide "treatment risks" cover for your cleaning business - up to the full limit of indemnity and with the lowest excess in the market for such cover.

We have seen lots of incidents with problems following a deep clean and this cover is absolutely vital in making sure that you as a business owner are not left picking up the bill.

If you cannot see a mention of it in your policy wording, then there is a good (almost certain) chance that it won't be covered - that's why we make specific reference to it for complete peace of mind.

We are specialist insurers to the cleaning industry and Gleaming Insurance can help your busines mitigate the multitude of risks it faces.

There is lots more information about treatment risks and other important extensions on our website and you can also get a quote and place cover there as well.

Don't take chances, speak to the experts.

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