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Damage to Property Worked On

The single most important factor when selecting your liability insurance cover for cleaners, is to make sure that you can clearly see in writing that you have cover in place for "damage to property worked on"

This term means cover for any damage you may cause to the item you are actually cleaning.

damage to the item being cleaned

Most standard off the shelf liability policies exclude this cover, either clearly or hidden away with a clause that says something along the lines of "cover excludes any damage to any item in your care, custody or control" and that for a cleaner means any damage they cause to something they are cleaning will not be covered.

That why it is so important to make sure that you can see in your policy where this cover is included. If you can't see reference to it anywhere, then be very wary indeed.

The Gleaming Insurance policy clearly shows you have the cover, this is snip taken from our policy wording

But that is not the end of it either, as some insurers offer a restricted level of this cover, capping the limit for a year for all claims (not per event) to just £250k and making you responsible for a £500 excess per event!

Gleaming Insurance offer the cover up to the full limit of indemnity, so if you choose £1m, £2m, £5m or even £10m as your limit, that is the level of cover you have with us per event (not in total) - and the excess you will pay per event is only £150 - as you can see, considerable better for you and much more appropriate.

Now you might think that £250k for the whole year might be enough, but we have seen individual claims in excess of £400k for damage caused by cleaners, so without this cover the effects on you and your business could be life changing, as without insurance you would be left to deal with the matter yourself.

The Gleaming Insurance policy is only available to cleaners, no other trade gets our policy because it is not suitable for any other trade - we wrote the wording with Hiscox, our insurer, specifically for cleaners (of all types).

Damage to Property Worked on is such an imporant factor in your insurance policy that you need to take time to read the wording of any quotations you get, never ever just take the word of someone on the phone based on the cost of the policy.

Gleaming Insurance are specialist insurance providers to the cleaning industry and we will continue to deliver excellent policy cover to the sector.

Whether you are a sole trader or Limited company you can be sure that we are well placed to look after your insurance needs.

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