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Losing Customers Keys!

We have lots of domestic and commercial cleaners who are insured with us and who are responsible for their customers keys. It's a big responsibility and can have dramatic consequences if those keys are lost or misplaced.

loss of customers keys

We have seen some dramatic claims situations over the years where keys (or electronic pass cards) have been lost and a whole building's security had to be overhauled costing tens of thousands of pounds.

Even the smallest of incidents can cost upwards of £500 once the locksmith has replaced the lock and provided duplicate keys.

But it is not only the costs of the key and lock replacement that you need to consider, what happens if you client suffers more losses as a result of the keys going astray? It really is a big risk!

Gleaming Insurance can provide cover for "Loss of Customers Keys" - the insurers will pay the reasonable costs to replace locks, keys or electronic passcards and compensation that you may have to pay your client as a result of this.

Most standard liability policies simply do not provide this specialist extension to cover which is another reason to choose a specialist insurer such as Gleaming Insurance when it comes to arranging your cleaning insurance.

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