Working at Height

This phrase sometimes sends shudders down the spine of a liability underwriter, especially one that doesn't understand the cleaning industry.

Historically, some of the largest problems for insurance companies come from injuries sustained from falls from height and that is why traditionally most insurers are very wary to offer any cover.

working at height

However, once you start to understand the industry and are able to effectively ask the right questions, the problems of working at height become more manageable.

It is true to say that the rates for anyone working off the ground are much higher than those using ground based equipment such as a pole system, but that doesn't mean that you can't get good and effective insurance.

Gleaming Insurance can offer you cover if you work at height, we ask the questions that our years of knowledge lead us to ask, and we individually underwrite your business. We have high level window cleaners insured with us and some of them work up to 100m above the ground.

Naturally, we would always expect any operative to be fully trained, fully accredited and have many years of experience in working at height, but we find that most businesses in this field will be very professional outfits who know exactly what is expected of them.

Take a look to see if Gleaming Insurance can offer you a credible alternative when your covers fall due for renewal.

You can choose to include "damage to property worked on" (scratching the glass and frames) and you can elect to have a small excess of just £150 per incident.

Our experience and knowledge of the industry combined with our sector leading wording mean we are the choice of thousands of professional cleaning companies across the UK - take a look and see if we can help you.

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