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Forgot to Lock It?

Lots of the cleaning companies we insure carry keys and pass cards and are responsible for letting themselves in and out of their clients premises.

But what would happen if they forgot to lock up properly?

failure to secure a premises

Your customer may suffer losses in addition to the costs of replacing his locks and keys, they could lose stock or equipment, their business could be affected or interrupted and they would undoubtedly look to recover those costs from you.

Without specialist liability cover for cleaning contractors in place, then you would be left to deal with this yourselves and you would have to settle the financial consequences.

We have seen claims in excess of £10,000 for this type of event , so this is a very real risk to a business that is responsible for locking up when they have finished cleaning.

Unless you have a specialist liability policy, then covers like this would simply not be included - you tend to find that these basic policies are considerably cheaper but there is always a reason for this, and it all comes down to cover.

If you are responsible for locking up at the end of the cleaning process, then make sure you have "failure to secure a premises" extension to your public liability cover - if you can't see it in the wording, then you won't have the cover.

Very few insurers offer what is know as "Failure to Secure a Premises" cover but with Gleaming Insurance you have this included automatically in your policy.

That is one of the many reasons why we are the experts for the cleaning industry.

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