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Cover for External Cleaning

We can provide cover to virtually any type of cleaning contractor in the UK, whether you work internally or externally, whether that is in a domestic environment or in a commercial envirornment.

Most standard policies will restrict the work you can do, it will restrict how you can do it and it will also impose strict clauses and endorsements.

We are very different ...

exterior cleaning insurance

We have the widest business description possible to allow you to undertake whatever type of cleaning you wish to do without worrying whether you are covered or not.

If you do builders cleans, pressure washing or the cleaning of the exterior of buildings then our policy can cover you.

If you work outside at height, then again our policy will cover you.

And what's more, our policy can include "damage to property worked on" and "treatment risk" cover as well. That means whatever you are cleaning stays protected, whether that is damage caused as a result of your negligence or damage caused by chemicals.

Your standard, cheap liability policy will not provide this cover or this policy wording, so make sure you check before taking cover out.

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