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How Prepared?

When you operate a cleaning business, you need to be prepared for all kinds of evenualities and you need to have in place a strict set of controls and decisions to allow your operation to run smoothly.

You have the staff in place, you have the jobs lined up and you have your equipment - you are ready to go!

insurance for cleaning contractors

But are you really prepared?

Have your staff been trained? Are they competent to carry out the cleaning risks that you have allocated to them? Did you record that training?

Do your staff need any special personal protective equipment (PPE) and if they do have you trained them in how and when to use it? Did you record that training?

Do you have the right tools for the job, do you keep an inventory of your tools and equipment and do you know what it might cost to replace it all brand new should the worst happen?

Have you read through your insurance policy to full understand what you might and more importantly, might not be covered for?

If you have a standard liability policy then it will not include lots of covers you might think you automatically have - these covers are stripped out (and that is why it is usually a lot cheaper than a specialist insurer)

Covers such as these are not normally provided:

> damage to property worked on - cover for the item you are cleaning

> treatment risks - damage caused by chemicals

> loss of customers keys - cover the costs of compensation

> employee dishonesty - if your employees steals from your customers

They are just some of the imporant factors that a specialist policy, like the one provided by Gleaming Insurance can offer.

So, then, how prepared are you for your cleaning business?

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