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Cleaning Solar Panels

Many simple liability policies will not provide any cover if you are a specialist cleaner, getting involved in cleaning the likes of solar panels.

This type of specialist work requires a specialist insurer like Gleaming Insurance.

solar panel cleaning insurance

We have many years experience dealing with the cleaning industry and we have seen the changes to the items that UK cleaning companies can clean.

The development of more greener energies has seen a growth in the installation and use of Solar Panels and of course, like anything else, they only work when they are clean and efficient.

A standard liability policy would not be ready to cater for such specialist work, the underwriters don't intend this type of policy to cover such work.

That is where we are different - we understand the risks - our underwriters understand how solar panel farms are installed and what the risks are and more importantly for you our policy can cover you to clean them!

We offer both Public and Employers Liability cover, but we also provide both "damage to property worked on" and "treatment risks" cover which are absolutely crucial in securing these types of cleaning jobs.

Effectively we provide cover for you if you scratch or damage the solar panel where a simple cheap policy won't.

This is just another example of our specialism and dedication to the cleaning industry and the changing way it works.

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