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Working Off the Ground?

One of the biggest factors in calculating your insurance premium can often come down to the amount of work that you do off the ground, and also to what height you carry this work out at.

working at height insurance

Falls from height are one of the insurers main concerns, as these types of falls not only can be very costly to the insurer, but can have life changing impacts on people.

Technology has helped in certain areas, the development of the reach and wash systems mean that a lot of window cleaning work is now undertaken at ground level (and an expert like ourselves recognise this and reduce the rates accordingly).

Some jobs however, will still need you to go up and off the floor and from the insurers point of view the safer this is done the better.

However you access your high level cleaning, your operatives need to be fully trained and where possible accredited, they need to have lots of experience and be competent to carry out the work. They are the basics for any professional cleaning company.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail then please get in touch and we can help you review your current insurance policy, which incidentally might have height restrictions and exclusions!

Gleaming Insurance can offer cover for anyone who cleans at height, we understand your industry and we can help.

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