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Carpet Cleaning Work

It's perhaps one of the most common claims we see during our working week, the allegation of damage caused to a carpet due to the cleaning process.

This damage can range from shrinkage to stains and discolouration, all the way through to actual damage to the fibres and structure of the carpet itself.

Naturally in such circumstances, we are the first port of call to discuss how to respond to these allegation and of course to confirm that cover will apply.

As specialist insurers to the cleaning industry, our policy has been designed to cover this type of damage, whether caused by a person or by the chemicals and solutions that are being used.

Most other policies do not provide this cover - that is one of the reasons that you may find a much cheaper quote when you look on our website. Cheaper, nearly always means much less cover and a much higher excess.

The old adage of you get what you pay for was never more true in the case of specialist insurance for carpet cleaners.

You can get a quote from Gleaming Insurance in minutes on our website and if you are happy with it you can arrange the cover and payments immediately.


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