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Cleaning Buildings

If you offer exterior cleaning of buildings and properties then one thing you need to check is whether your insurance cover protects you.

Lot's of standard cheap policies do not provide this cover, they exclude it completely or impose a massive excess to deter any claims coming forward.

GLEAMING INSURANCE are specialists to the cleaning industry and our policy includes this cover for you automatically. We provide protection for you to clean buildings.

Our specialist liability insurance cover will allow you to perform exterior cleans safe in the knowledge that you will be covered for:

> Damage to Property Worked On - cover for any damage you cause whilst cleaning

> Treatment Risks - cover for any damage that chemicals or cleaning solutions cause

Your excess for this type of work is only £150 per incident, which is the lowest in the market for this type of cover and on top of that, we provide you with £1,000 of free tools cover to make sure your business stays protected.

You can get a quote for your business very quickly and very easily, just visit our home page and click the button. We have done most of the underwriting for you so the time to get a quote is literally minutes.

If you are happy with the quote you can place the cover and get all your documents immediately and you can arrange installments to pay your premium. We provide these at a 0% interest rate with no deposit required.

Get your specialist liability quotation today with GLEAMING INSURANCE.


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