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Cleaning Commercial Premises

We speak with lots of cleaning contractors who work on commercial premises and each of them faces a different but common set of risks.

Whether they are cleaning retail premises or a restaurant and cafe, there will be certain covers that remain essential to the protection of the business and for the benefit of the customer.

Cleaning hard surfaces means that any defect or scratch will be very important to the customer and could lead to claims against the cleaning company.

Unless the company has specialist insurance in place, then that allegation may lead to them having to pay the compensation themselves.

Gleaming Insurance provides "damage to property worked on" and "treatment risks" which means that should the worst happen the cover will apply and operate.

Quite often a higher limit of indemnity may be needed and this is one factor that should be evaluated when the quotation is being arranged.

For your specialist insurance quotation, then please visit our website where you can not only get a quote, but you can also arrange your cover and obtain your documents.


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