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Cleaning Glass

Lots of things can potentially go wrong when you are cleaning a pane of glass, and the most frequent claim we see is for scratching.

Any small particle of hard grit or dirt can come between the cleaning cloth and the surface and that is when the scratches can occur. It is not until the glass has dried and the sun has come out that these minor scratches show themselves, but it is a common occurrence.

Once that does happen then it is the most important time for your insurance policy to work in the way that you hope it will.

But, unless you have "damage to property worked on" and "treatment risks" cover then you could be left to pick up the bill and the legal costs. Most standard liability policies don't provide this cover (and hence are much cheaper in cost) but GLEAMING INSURANCE can provide this for you as standard.

If you are a window cleaner, then make sure that you get a quote from GLEAMING INSURANCE and get that peace of mind that you should have when you work.


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