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Cleaning Hard Floors

When you are working as a commercial cleaning contractor, then you need to take a very good look around your environment both before starting work and after you have finished.

Quite often the area that you are cleaning will be open and exposed to the public and that means you need to be on your guard to make sure there are no slips or trips that could possibly happen.

Hard flooring in shopping malls and supermarkets are by their very nature often slippy and highly polished, so any remnants of water will increase the chances of an incident.

A robust risk assessment procedure and a written method statement along with adequate signing should help reduce the problem, but you can never take away the issue completely.

We always recommend carrying out such work after hours, wherever possible, or when there is the lowest footfall through the building - this should reduce your exposure to any incidents.

GLEAMING INSURANCE arranges specialist liability cover for hard flooring cleaners and you can get your quote and arrange cover online today.


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