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Cleaning Solutions and Chemicals

It is hard for most cleaners to carry out their work without using some form of cleaning solution of chemical for the job they are doing.

However, most standard liability policies won't provide you with any cover at all should these chemicals cause any damage or injury - this type of cover is called "treatment risks" and it is something that you should not trade without.

Imagine using some bleach and that causes damage or discolouration - you would need to have the "treatment risks" cover in place to pick up the bill.

The same (and probably more so) applies to carpet cleaning where the damage can literally run into the several thousands of pounds.

Without the right cover in place, you would be left to pick up that bill yourself.

Check your policy wording now and make sure you have the cover - there are lots of cheap policies out there and they are cheap for a reason - either they don't give you that cover or they hit you with an excess of £500!

GLEAMING INSURANCE offers the full cover for you for treatment risks and with the lowest excess in the market at £150, our cover is market-leading.

Get your quote and cover today by visiting our website.


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