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Damage in the Home

When you operate as a domestic cleaning contractor, you face a lot of challenges as you go about your daily work.

The moment you set foot inside a client's premises you need to make sure that you are completing all your tasks in a professional and safe manner.

Of course, accidents do happen and that is where your liability policy will come into play, and for most cleaners, it would seem as simple as that, but that is far from the truth.

A standard liability policy will cover you if you accidentally break a vase as you brush past it, or if you swing around with your vacuum and hit the television and those sorts of incidents, but where it will fall down is if you scratch something you are cleaning.

Even worse, should a chemical you are using cause damage then a standard (and cheap) liability policy will leave you high and dry.

That is when you will appreciate the value of a specialist policy like the one you can get from GLEAMING INSURANCE.

We can provide both "damage to property worked on" and "treatment risks" cover to make sure you stay fully protected at all times.

Why not get a quote today to see what we can offer you?


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