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Damage to Property Worked On

hen you are working as a cleaner, the one thing that you want to be covered for is causing damage to something you are cleaning.

But most standard "off the shelf" liability policies do not provide this cover, its excluded and that is where a cleaning contractor can get caught out.

However, GLEAMING INSURANCE only works with cleaning contractors and we appreciate that this is a cover that you really do need to help protect you and of course, your customers.

You can read more about damage to property worked upon on our website and you can also get a quotation for your cleaning business.

We see lots of claims coming into our offices for damage to sofa's, damage to carpets and for scratching windows - all of which need to have the "damage to property worked upon" extension in place for cover to operate.

There is nothing more disappointing to hear than a story of a cleaning contractor who took a cheap policy out somewhere else only to find it didn't respond when a claim happened.

In some cases, this has left cleaners facing a bill in the thousands to replace a three-piece suite or to replace a whole floor of window panes.

Whenever you are considering your public liability insurance, make sure that you include damage to property worked upon as part of the cover - it's crucial!


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