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Damage to something you have cleaned.

Most of the cleaning contractors we deal with across the UK, go about their daily work without any issues - but every once in awhile every single one of them will suffer an incident.

Now whether that incident will actually lead to a claim is never clear cut, some matters can be dealt with quickly, others become complicated and do lead to a claim being submitted.

When you are blamed for causing damage to something you have cleaned then you need to be sure of the steps to take - you need to quickly assess if you need to report the matter to your insurers and you need to be able to let your customer make the claim - (remember your customer makes the claim against you).

Making sure you have "damage to property worked on" and "treatment risks" is vital when you arrange your insurance protection as these cover will protect you when a claim is made - without them, then you are left to deal with the matter completely.

Even when you have been told you have that cover, check the excess, you could still be asked to pay £500 or more for any claims - not with GLEAMING INSURANCE though, our excess is only £150 per incident, so it does pay to read your policy wording.

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