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Exterior Cleaning

As the new year rumbles on and winter starts to release its grip, the exterior of many premises start to look a little tired and in need of a good clean.

There are many specialist exterior cleaning contractors who will be able to provide their services but to get the very best you need to make sure that the insurance cover they carry is also the very best.

All cleaning contractors should have a cover that includes "damage to property worked on" and "treatment risks" and of course GLEAMING INSURANCE can provide both these.

GLEAMING INSURANCE are specialist insurance brokers to the cleaning industry and can provide your business with the level of specialist protection it needs. We are recognised and approved by many trade associations as specialists to the cleaning industry. As long as you are using a machine with a maximum psi of 3,600 we can provide cover for your pressure washing business.

We can include cover for:

Damage to Property Worked On

This covers you if you are accused of damaging whatever you are cleaning whether that be a driveway or patio or anything else that you may clean. Without this extension to your cover, you would be left to deal with the matter yourselves.

Treatment Risks

If you use solutions or chemicals during the cleaning process (including bleach) then you probably know it is common for damage to be caused by such products. Such damage is covered under the Treatment Risks extension. Many insurers exclude treatment risk, but we can include it for you.


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