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Exterior Cleaning

If you are working as an Exterior Cleaner then you will be asked to clean many different types of surfaces and structures and not all liability policies will cover you for that work.

Some have exclusions for "Builders Cleans" whilst others have exclusions for Cleaning the exterior of buildings. You will often find that these types of policies are much cheaper than ours, but when you see the restrictions and high excess levels and gaps in cover you will see why.

A policy from Gleaming Insurance offers you the chance to include:

> Damage to Property Worked On - cover for you causing damage to something that you are cleaning that is in your care, custody, or control

> Treatment Risks - damage caused by chemicals or cleaning solutions

> Loss of Customers Keys

> Failure to secure a Premises

and lots more.

All exterior work above ground can be covered and are happy to quote for work at heights as well.

Visit our home page and get your quotation in minutes and get the peace of mind that a comprehensive specialist insurance policy can provide.

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