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Gutter Cleaning Work

When you are cleaning the exterior of buildings you will often need to get up to the roofline to clear and clean the gutters.

Lots of standard liability policies won't cover you for this work, but a policy with GLEAMING INSURANCE will provide you with this protection.

How you access the gutters and who carries out the work can be crucial in assessing the risk and determining the premium but having the right cover in place is extremely important.

The policy cover with GLEAMING INSURANCE will cover you should you damage the gutters or roof tiles and we will also cover you if you cause damage by applying chemical or cleaning solutions.

If you work on your own then you will just need to have Public Liability cover to protect you, but should you have any staff or people helping then you are legally obliged to have Employers Liability cover as well. GLEAMING INSURANCE can provide both.

We also include £1000 of tools and equipment cover for you without charge to make sure your gutter cleaning business remains fully protected.

Get your quote and arrange your cover today - all done from our homepage.


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