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High Level Window Cleaning

The image alone is enough to make the cautious underwriter quake in his boots, two cleaners high above the ground cleaning a building.

However, when you understand the industry you understand that as long as the staff who work at these heights are qualified and experienced the risks are reduced greatly.

As specialist insurers to the cleaning industry GLEAMING INSURANCE offer both Public and Employers liability insurance cover to Window Cleaning contractors, even ones who work many metres above the ground.

And it doesn't end there either, we also can provide cover for "damage to property worked upon" and "treatment risks" so that means every pane of glass is covered no matter how high in the sky you are cleaning it.

Visit our website to read more about what we do and you can also get your quotation there and place the cover. We offer 0% interest-free instalments over 12 months to make things even more simple for you.


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