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High Value Cleaning

Whilst most cleaning contractors carry out their work in traditional domestic settings there are some specialists who will work in high-end premises, where the values of the items they are cleaning can reach astronomical levels.

We had a claim for a client who was working in an apartment in London, where he took the job on in a sub-contractor capacity and hence had little knowledge of the owners, who it turned out were billionaires.

He completed the carpet cleaning work and unfortunately in one room there were shrinkage issues and following several weeks of intense investigations, it was deemed that the carpet would need replacing - you can imagine the look on the cleaners face then the bill came in for nearly £30,000 !!!

Luckily for him, he was insured with us and had taken out cover for both damage to property worked on and treatment risks and the claim was ultimately resolved. All he had to pay was his excess of £150 and the matter was finalized.

He was certainly delighted that day, that he had taken out cover with us and ignored the cheap offerings elsewhere.

If you would like a quotation from GLEAMING INSURANCE then visit our website and see what we can offer you in terms of the best policy coverage in the market.


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