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Kitchen Cleaning Insurance

When you are cleaning kitchens there are some risks that need to be looked at and assessed.

Wooden worktops for example are susceptible to damage if certain chemicals land on them such as bleach or caustic oven cleaning solutions.

You will need to have specialist liability insurance in place to help mitigate these risks.

A standard policy from a comparison website will simply not be enough - those types of policies have restrictions and exclusions and are policies that a bricklayer, a plasterer, or an electrician might get - they are all the same no matter what trade.

GLEAMING INSURANCE only deals with Cleaning Contractors - our wording is written especially for cleaning contractors and includes covers such as:

"Damage to Property Worked On"

"Treatment Risks"

"Loss of Keys"

"Failure to Secure a Premises"

"Employee Dishonesty"

You can get your quote online in minutes and we offer 0% interest free instalments on all our policies.


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