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Liability Insurance for Cleaners

When you are looking to arrange your insurance covers, what do you look for? The cheapest price?

That can be very dangerous in the world of cleaning insurance.

Most cheap policies that you might get from a comparison website will exclude cover for damage you cause to anything you are cleaning - the policy provides cover for only the most basic (and unlikely) events. It won't cover damage caused by chemicals and it won't give you the protection you need.

GLEAMING INSURANCE offers these covers, providing protection for you and your customers.

We can offer

Damage to Property Worked On

Treatment Risks

Loss of Keys

Failure to Secure a Premises

Employee Dishonesty

and lots more.

Find out what we can offer you - you can get a quote in minutes online and we offer 0% interest-free instalments on all our policies.

That is why we are the specialists when it comes to liability insurance for cleaners.


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